Day One

First and most importantly, our professional installers begin by grinding the surface of your floor to remove the existing coating and leave a rough surface so the new coatings will adhere well. We do this with a commercial walk-behind diamond-head grinder. Next, the installers vacuum the floor until all the dust is collected and removed from floor, walls, stairs, and any other exposed areas. We then make the surface seamless by filling any imperfections or cracks with our industrial epoxy-based filler and putty. A coating of epoxy for the whole floor comes next. Our professionals do this by pouring out a bead across the entire floor brushing it around the perimeter, squeegeeing the mixed product and rolling the floor for an even coat. Next we distribute the color flake blend by hand to get maximum and complete coverage, using a technique we have learned over years.

Grinding existing surfaces

Filling in floor imperfections

Day Two

Triangle Concrete Coatings will be back at your home to complete the installation process so you can be back on your floor in no time. We will recover all excess flakes and scrape the surface lightly. To get the industrial grade gloss we look for in each floor, we mix our final coat, the polyaspartic, on site and coat your floor in small batches. Our professionals are meticulous and use an expert technique to apply the clear coat that leaves you with a gorgeous result. Depending on weather conditions, you will be able to walk on the floor in as little as three to four hours. You can put anything back on your floor the next day with exception of your car which can be put back on the floor in three to five days.

After Care

To keep your floor looking beautiful, you will need to either sweep or blow out dust or dirt in your garageor on your surface. To take care of stains or spills, mix any all purpose cleaner (we recommend Simple Green) in a bucket of hot water and wipe the surface


At Triangle Concrete Coatings we offer a lifetime warranty for as long as you are the owner of the house or structure with the coated floor. If your floor develops any hot tire pick-up, bubbling or peeling during normal use, just let us know. We will arrange to repair the surface.